The Leading NYC Pest Control and Extermination Company

Founded in 1991 by Jeff Eisenberg, a former CPA in one of the world's largest accounting firms, Pest Away Exterminating Inc. provides New Yorkers with highly effective and fast-acting pest control and removal solutions to keep all pests away for good. 

Pest Away Pioneers Eco-Friendly Pest Removal Treatment

Like most people, Jeff hired an extermination company to regularly service his New York City apartment for pest control. To Jeff’s dismay, however, the exterminator would arrive late and inconsiderately spray poisons without prior thought to the medical conditions of his family and pets. This typical terrible service that seemed to be the norm prompted Jeff to start his own company: Pest Away Exterminating Inc.

After spending two years researching the pest removal industry and its inner workings, Jeff championed a new non-toxic treatment called Enviro-Guard Pest Control Program, a green pest removal treatment proven to be harmless to people while being the most effective pest control solution in the market.

Since then, the program has received much critical acclaim by New Yorkers for its high success rate of eliminating homes of bed bugs and other pests.

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