Bed Bug Survival Guide

Jeff Eisenberg, Founder and President of Pest Away Exterminating, Inc. has been combating the bed bug epidemic in the Tri-State area since its resurgence 15 years ago. He has innovated cutting-edge and eco-friendly protocol to prevent, detect and eradicate bed bugs. Put simply, Jeff Eisenberg is the bed bug expert. During the summer of 2010, Jeff was approached by Hachette Publishing to write the ultimate guide to bed bugs. Because he has always been a huge advocate of education and spreading knowledge, Jeff excitedly wrote The Bed Bug Survival Guide to help society cope with this well known epidemic.

In The Bed Bug Survival Guide, Jeff not only addresses the many myths associated with bed bugs, but he provides a plethora of practical and proven tips for bed bug prevention. He delves into the critical steps every traveler, parent, teacher, child, pet, etc. should take to prevent and avoid and eliminate bed bugs. Not only does Jeff explain the past and present of bed bugs, but he offers truly tangible and doable ways to battle the future of bed bugs. Jeff wrote this book as a public service. In fact, all proceeds/royalties/advances from the book will be donated to charities centered on children with cancer and children in orphanages. Moreover, Jeff’s company, Pest Away, will be matching all funds raised from the book. Stay informed and help a great cause – buy your copy TODAY! Additionally, is designed to be an interactive platform to learn the latest on bed bug tips, tricks and stories. Sign up for expert advice, read the Bed Bug Blog and stay in the loop to prevent bed bugs from biting you.

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