Bed Bug Headquarters

Welcome to the Bed Bug Headquarters

Pest Away Exterminating is a fully licensed and insured bed bug exterminator that has been operating in New York, New Jersey, New York City and Long Island for over 19 years. We have been asked to testify before the NYC Council at City Hall in 2006 and in 2009. We have helped in the development of new legislation and testifying on both occasions at City Hall. Through our efforts, a NYC Bed Bug advisory was formed. We provide various consulting services to hospitals, hotels, and landlords throughout the country. We also have proven to be very successful giving expert testimony in cases from New York to California.

Pest Away Exterminating is regarded as the premier pest control company in the country for bed bug eradication. Pest Away accurately predicted back in 1998 that bed bugs would become a major problem once again. There was nowhere to turn for help with bed bugs back then, since this had not been a real issue for the past 40 years. Therefore, during the late '90s we were busy studying and developing protocols to eliminate bed bugs. Over the last 12 years we tried and tested many techniques and have tens of thousands of successful jobs to draw from as a basis for our experience and expertise. We continue to study and improve our program on a weekly basis.

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