Typical Bed Bug Behaviors:

  • Although nocturnal, bed bugs may feed in the daytime if there is no available food source at night.
  • Bed bugs must feed in order for it to develop into the next stage of adulthood.
  • They feed every 7-14 days.
  • Bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 emitted while mammals sleep or rest.
  • Bed bugs can lay 5-10 eggs per day.
  • The eggs take approximately 6-10 days after being left by the female to hatch.

The adult bed bug hides in cracks and crevices of your bed & or furniture. Adult bed bugs can fit easily inside openings as thin as a credit card. Nymphs are even thinner. Once fed, they are longer and plump until they begin to digest the blood meal. Adult bed bugs can live without a blood meal for up to 18 months and will wander to find a new host when one is unavailable.

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