• K9 inspection is an effective tool to detect bed bugs.
  • They are not 100% effective, but are more reliable than human visual inspections.
  • The exterminating company and K9 company should be separate entities.
  • Selecting the right K9 company makes all the difference.

Several companies in the United States offer bed bug dog detection, utilizing specifically trained K9s for locating bed bugs. The academies that have trained them have a history and expertise in training dogs to detect bombs, drugs, mold and even termites. This service is another tool in the fight against bed bugs and can be especially useful in situations where bed bugs are suspected, but have not been located.

A well-trained bed bug detection dog should be able to identify very small numbers of live bed bugs (sometimes as few as one). These dogs will be able to detect bed bugs in areas that no visual inspection could ever see and/or access, i.e. under carpets, behind large pieces of furniture, or a pile of laundry. However, there are times when a dog will not detect bed bugs if the bugs are located high above the dog’s head and the air flow of the scent is moving upwards.

Pest Away deliberately does not have a bed bug dog because we believe that the pest control company, which is paid to eradicate this costly bug, should be independent from the findings of the dog. Furthermore, even though many of these dog detection services claim to have certified dogs from established training academies, the way they handle the dogs and maintain them makes all the difference.

Only trusted sources and very reputable places sould be utilized. We have a list of trusted and reputable companies that we constantly test and monitor. We will be happy to provide this information upon request. The dog handler team should be recognized and have an updated NESDCA certification by the academy from where it obtained its dogs.

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