Extreme Green Treatment

The Extreme Green Treatment is one of the most popular and effective bed bug treatment options in the market. It has proven to fully eradicate bed bugs in a matter of days! Pest Away has been performing green pest control services even before there was a term for it. In fact New York Magazine recognized our leadership in this area as we formulated the most successful environmentally friendly bed bug services in the Tri-State area. Pest Away’s Extreme Green Treatment is more intensive and provides 100% elimination in a remarkably short time period. Green treatments, in many ways, are not only healthier but are superior in effectiveness to residual spray pesticide treatments. Spray pesticide treatments DO NOT kill bed bug eggs and often take between 15-21 days before the bulk of the bed bug population starts to diminish. Based on various studies, bed bug samplings around the country have shown complete chemical immunity and/or resistance to all of the professional products on the market. The HUGE advantage in green treatment is that bed bugs can never become immune to our process.

The Extreme Green Treatment program takes into consideration all possible aspects of how bed bugs spread, where they may live, hide and lay eggs. Because bed bugs will lay 5-10 eggs per day, it is crucial to take an aggressive approach on eradicating them as quickly as possible. We will implement intensive treatment services to the affected areas and preventive measures for surrounding rooms in order to eradicate the entire problem.

One of the biggest benefits of going green is that since no chemicals are used, an independent K9 can inspect the space a few days after the treatment. This offers quick results and the satisfaction of knowing that you are officially bed bug free.

Benefits of the Extreme Green Treatment

  • The K9 can come in immediately after treatment to determine if there are still bed bugs. With a pesticide treatment you need to wait a minimum of 30 days.
  • Nobody has to leave the apartment.
  • Safe for people with asthma, respiratory problems, post-chemo patients, bed bound patients, the elderly, pets, babies, children, and people with multiple types of chemical sensitivity.
  • Reduces bed bug populations 50 times faster
  • No smells, no mess, no cleanup, no residual pesticides in home
  • Solves the infestation in a fraction of time compared to the Traditional Chemical Treatment
  • No impact on the environment.

For an estimate on the Extreme Green Treatment, please call Pest Away at 212-721-2521.

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