During your bed bug eradication process, we highly recommend that you vacuum on a daily basis. Use a high-powered, canister vacuum (we recommend the Oreck, sold by Pest Away at a wholesale price). Any vacuum you use must have disposable vacuum bags. After each vacuuming session, you should remove the vacuum bag, place it in a plastic bag, seal it up and dispose of it. This prevents bed bugs from crawling out of the vacuum and hiding until they can feed again.

After you have successfully eradicated the bed bug problem, you should vacuum on a weekly basis.

Vacuuming Tips

  • Once the room has been “stripped” of all personal belongings, begin vacuuming, paying special attention to the mattress seams, headboard, frame, end tables and moldings.
  • Use a crevice tool and a scraping motion.
  • Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed frame to inspect and vacuum all surfaces, removing all loose debris and visible bed bugs.
  • Flip the bed frame over and vacuum any crevices where bed bugs may hide. This is especially important for wooden bed frames and captain’s beds.
  • Vacuum inside and under drawers of night stands, dressers and other furniture in the room.
  • Turn over each piece of furniture and vacuum the under sides of each.
  • Pay attention to screw and nail holes, using a credit card crevice tool.
  • Vacuum along the bottoms of all walls and the moldings. If molding or wallpaper is loose lift or remove and vacuum beneath.
  • Make sure to vacuum around heating units.
  • Vacuum along carpet edges.
  • Vacuum plush furniture with a carpet beater attachment or by patting the furniture

We don’t recommend using a vacuum brush attachment because it is possible some live bugs or eggs could be caught in the brush bristles.

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