There are many tips and tricks to keep bed bugs away, and most of them involve looking out for signs that the place you’re visiting may be infested. Red and rust-colored stains on bedding and a subtle fruit-like odor are sure signs that bed bugs have taken up residence. Keep an eye out for those signs as you follow these next tips on how to keep bed bugs away.

Travel Smart

Bed bugs commonly catch a ride in your luggage or clothing after you stay in a hotel or hostel that is infested. They can be in the carpet, the bedding, and even the curtains in the room. If you suspect bed bugs, avoid putting your items on the carpet or bed. Pull down the bedding and check the mattress and the headboard for the insects or for any rust-colored stains that prove bites have happened. Switch rooms immediately if you notice bugs or stains or wake up with fresh bites.

Clean Your Luggage

If you’ve stayed in an infested room, you can still keep bed bugs away and out of our home. When you come home from your trip, do not bring any of your luggage or travel things inside your home. Unpack in the entrance of your front door. Wash all clothes and other garments on a hot cycle. To clean your suitcases, purchase Steri-Fab disinfectant and spray it on all cracks, crevices, and any other exposed areas. Let it dry and keep it bagged up until the next time you need it, which will kill any remaining bed bugs.

Watch Your Pets

Bed bugs prefer humans, but they will catch rides on pets and pet bedding in order to make their way inside a human home. Keep bed bugs away from your pets by checking their skin regularly for bites. Keep an eye on their bedding and look in the crevices and linings of blankets and baskets for signs of insects or stains. If you suspect your animal’s things may be infested, it is best to throw them away in an outside dumpster and purchase new items. Bed bugs can even take residence inside pet’s toys, so don’t hold on to one even if it is their favorite.

Line Your Furniture

Even if you accidentally bring bed bugs into your home, you can still prevent them from getting into your bed by using bed bug encasements for your mattresses and other furniture. There are cases available to protect your pillows that fit underneath your existing pillowcases, and bed encasements can also be used underneath existing bedsheets for an extra layer of protection. These special bed encasements have multiple layers with zipper locks that stop bed bugs from burrowing inside.

Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your NYC Apartment

In order to keep bed bugs away from your home, you will need to be alert and aware while you travel. Keep your eyes peeled for stains and bugs in your hotel’s bedding and watch out for bed bugs that may have snuck a ride on your pet. You will want to take preventative measures by investing in encasements and repellents that will protect your garments and your furniture from infestation. Regular bed bug prevention measures like these will keep bed bugs away and help you avoid the unwanted costs and stress of bed bug eradication.