Because of recent spikes in bed bug populations in Manhattan, our bed bug removal process not only focuses on removing the existing problem but also specializes in preventing future infestations. We follow a stringent bed bug removal process to remove bed bugs from commercial buildings and apartments. Our bed bug removal process is designed to protect your home and family from unwanted bed bugs while avoiding the use of pesticide poisons to enter your home.

Step 1: Butler Prep Service

We are the only exterminator in New York that offers a Butler Prep Service to prepare your home for bed bug extermination. We understand that many of our clients operate on busy schedules and do not necessarily have the time (or the stomach) to prep their home for extermination. Therefore, we have a special prep team that will come into your home or apartment at a scheduled time and prepare your space for extermination.

This involves removing all linens, bagging all clothes and items from dressers and closets for laundering, and cutting up and removing carpet to prevent the bed bugs from moving throughout the house or apartment building. We will encase your bed, mattress, and any other furniture before fumigation. Our team will also package and move your items accordingly.

After extermination, we return all of your items and furniture to their proper space once extermination is complete. This service is specifically designed to keep your stress at a minimum during this entire process.

Step 2: Vacuuming

After your items have been packed and removed and your furniture has been arranged at the recommended 8 inches from each wall, you can start to vacuum your home and beds. Use a high-power vacuum with a disposable bag so you can immediately get rid of any bugs or eggs you suck up.

Vacuum around the baseboards of your room, and pay close attention to the corners. Be sure and vacuum your bed frame and drawers and flip over all the furniture in your room in order to vacuum every possible nook, cranny, and corner bed bugs could be hiding in. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet, especially along the wall and in the corner. Vacuuming is an excellent prep step before our Extreme Green Bed Bug Removal Treatment as it helps guarantee that all bed bugs will be removed.

Step 3: Extreme Green Treatment

This is Pest Away Inc’s signature eco-friendly bed bug removal treatment. We utilize independent K9 inspections and environmentally safe removal techniques to protect your home and your pets. In fact, during our green removal process, you and your family do not have to leave your home for long periods of time.

Where many extermination processes can displace you for weeks, our service takes a single day and does not require you to move anywhere. Our team will come in and implement treatment in not only the infested areas but also throughout the home to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Affected areas get the intensive green treatment while the other spaces will get our preventative treatments. Afterwards, K9 inspection will confirm that the bed bugs are gone.

Step 4: Fumigation

As our Butler Prep Service packs up your infested belongings, they will be shipped to our offsite facility where they are fumigated in order to kill the bugs living there. For fumigation, we use a chemical called Vikane Gas, developed by Dow Agro Science. It has been approved as an environmentally friendly chemical ideal for treating clothing, furniture, electronics, art installations, and even paper documents.

Additionally, Vikane gas is guaranteed to kill bed bugs during all stages, including the egg stage, in order to prevent future infestations. We prefer to remove these items and treat them separately with Vikane in order to guarantee that we will remove the entire bed bug population from your home. While your items are being treated offsite, we can treat your living space, and your items will be returned to you once we confirm there is no more infestation in your house or in your belongings.

How Our Bed Bug Removal Process Differs from Other Pest Control Companies

Where many extermination procedures can take over 30 days, ours is quick, odorless, and does not require you to ever leave your apartment. Our Extreme Green Treatment will not negatively affect children, pets, and the elderly, least of all those with asthma or other respiratory problems. Because of our step-by-step bed bug removal process, we guarantee that bed bugs will never return to your home or your apartment once we’re finished with it.

Pest Away Inc, located in New York City, specializes in green extermination that is not only safe for you and your pets but also effective against infestation. If you are in need of our green services, please do not hesitate to contact us for speedy bed bug extermination.