We always have customers calling asking for an extermination treatment, be it mice, rats, waterbugs, roaches, ants, moths or others. We often advise them to go for a pest proofing. What is the difference, and why should you opt for the more expensive proofing rather than the cheaper treatment?

When you get a treatment, our technicians come in, find the infestation points, and put out bait or spray, depending on what kind of infestation it is. This may very well take care of your infestation-but it also may not. Why? Sometimes the pests are continuously entering your apartment from a specific entry point. That can be your radiator pipes, plumbing system, or from a hole in the wall. If you just treat the infestation by putting down bait or spraying pesticides, you will kill whatever bugs or rodents are there at the time, but you won't prevent new ones from coming in the same way that the old ones did. This is where the proofing comes in. In a proofing, the technicians find all the entry points where the pests may be entering, and they work to seal them up. At Pest Away, a pest proofing also includes a treatment, so you are doubly protected. Also, we guarantee our proofing service; if you see the pest back within 90 days, we will come back and re-proof and re-treat-free.

So although the proofing is a bit more expensive, it is also double the value, and will do a much better job of eradicating your pest problem for good.