There’s no doubt that there are a lot of exterminators in New York City. Choosing the best one from the long list can be a challenge. There are specific qualities you should look for in your exterminator. Finding an exterminator with knowledge of the city, stellar reviews, and environmentally friendly pesticides are key. We’ve come up with 4 key questions you should ask each exterminator before making a final decision.

Question #1: How Long Have You Been in Business?

In order to trust your local exterminator, you want them to be in business for no less than 5 years. This will give you the opportunity to read reviews from local residents and businesses, as well as the Better Business Bureau, so you can see how they’ve performed and grown since their first few years.

If they’ve been around for five or more years, you will have many resources and reviews to choose from. Pest Away Inc has been around for over 20 years, and you we have many past and current pest control clients in New York City and surrounding boroughs who can attest to our pest removal services. 

The longer an exterminator has been in business, especially if this is a local exterminator in your hometown, the more knowledgeable they are of local pests and the more trustworthy they can be. You can relax knowing that their procedures are tried and true, and each of their extermination methods is guaranteed.

Question #2: Are You Insured?  

This may seem like a probing or inappropriate question, but accidents can happen and you do not want to be held responsible for a mistake or injury that happens on the job. Regardless of how long an exterminator has been in business, slips and falls cannot always be prevented. If the exterminator is insured, then you will not be responsible for any medical bills that may arise.

However, beyond bodily protection, having insurance guarantees that your exterminator is legitimate. In the state of New York, businesses are required to have liability and worker’s compensation insurance that protects both themselves and their clients from the fiscal repercussions of on-the-job injuries.

Therefore, you need to learn how much insurance the extermination company carries. Amateur and low-quality pest extermination companies carry the minimum insurance, which is under a million. Be wary of these companies.

When you ask your exterminator if they have this kind of insurance, you are asking if they are officially recognized by New York as a licensed and professional business. And the answer to that question should always be yes.

Qusetion #3: Are the Chemicals You’re Using Safe?

As one of the most important questions customers ask of their exterminator, Pest Away Inc prides itself on being able to answer it with a resounding “YES!”. Our environmentally friendly pesticides protect people and animals from the unnecessary and poisonous side effects of traditional pesticides while guaranteeing the eradication of pests.

Traditional pesticides can cause injury and illness to pets and other harmless animals and can even get into the water of our city, not to mention stick in the carpet and furniture belonging to customers. Often, these poisonous pesticides mean that you will not be able to enter your home for up to a month, which can be a great inconvenience.

If you want a safe pesticide that will allow you to be back into your home within a matter of days, definitely ask for the details of the products your exterminator is using.

Question #4: Does the extermination company guarantee customer satisfaction?

Every business, especially exterminators, will guarantee their services. However, asking this question out loud and generating this conversation with your exterminator is great way to double-check all of your bases. This question reminds your exterminator how important the procedure is to you, to your home, and to your family.

By having this conversation at the beginning, you are establishing yourself as a well-rounded customer. You will not be taken advantage of, and you are only willing to work with established and professional exterminators. At Pest Away Inc, we guarantee each and every one of our procedures, and if you would like to speak to our customer service to find out more information about these guarantees, contact us online at.


Asking these questions can help you uncover what you need to know about your local exterminators. Looking for an exterminator in New York City means making sure they are professionally insured and recognized as a legitimate business in the state.

Make sure they’ve been around long enough to have a detailed costumer list with reviews that are easy to access, and don’t be afraid to ask exactly what kinds of chemicals they are using to treat your home or business. Finding environmentally friendly exterminators in New York City can be easy if you know where to look and what to ask, and Pest Away Inc will always be your first line of defense against the worst pests in the city.