While removing pests from your home is incredibly important, it’s also top priority to protect your family and pets from the chemicals used to kill the pests. With so many environmentally friendly extermination options available, you will never feel threatened by the methods used to purge your home again. There are many reasons why eco-friendly pest removal is the better option. Here’s why it pays to go the eco-friendly pest control route:

Reason #1: It’s Inexpensive

Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly pest removal is not any more expensive than chemical removal. Chemical pest removal often comes with a higher price tag, because they promise fast service and even faster results. However, you can reduce your extermination costs by taking the extra time to install eco-friendly traps for large pests.

For smaller pests and insects, eco-friendly is still the least expensive option. The process is safe and does not use any chemicals to speed up the extermination process, giving your home a more natural approach to pest removal. With Pest Away’s eco-friendly, Extreme Green Pest Control Treatment, you won’t even have to leave your home during the process, thus allowing you to save money on unnecessary hotel and restaurant bills.

Reason #2: No Scent

If you’ve had your house exterminated or used preventative pest measures, then you recognize the sour smell of poisonous chemicals. The effects of the odor can range from being mildly uncomfortable to causing nausea in some people. However, you can eliminate this unwanted odor by choosing eco-friendly extermination.

The compounds used in many organic and eco-friendly pest treatments contain little to no amounts of the poisons that cause those smells, so your home will remain odor-free and bug-free home the removal process.

Reason #3: No Health Risks

Where chemical pesticides are proven to cause cancer, increase respiratory infections, and have detrimental effects on the environment, eco-friendly pest removal has none of these terrible side effects. Eco-friendly pest removal contains less than .1% of all cancer causing chemicals and contains no flammable chemical compounds.

In fact, these eco-friendly processes can be safely applied around those with asthma, cancer, as well as the elderly, small children, and your pets. If you’re curious about what is in your pest-removal treatments, ask your exterminator for the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). This list will include everything that is in your treatment process and explain its risks. You can also view the MSDS for our pest removal products to see what type of chemicals we use to treat our pests.

Reason #4: It’s Very Effective

And, as always, organic and eco-friendly pest removal is as effective as the poisonous ones. Depending on your pests, it may take longer for you to see the effects, but it is much safer and much more effective than chemical bombs or pesticide sprays that can keep you out of your home for weeks.

Eco-friendly pest removal also guarantees permanent elimination of your pest problem. Chemical treatments do not always fight infestation at its source, but our eco-friendly treatments eradicate eggs, nests, and any other pest foundations that can survive typical chemical eradication. 

Choose safe and effective pest removal

Eco-friendly pest removal is your best bet. You will be protecting your family and your pets from both unwanted pests and the poisonous chemicals popularly used to kill them. Eco-friendly treatments will remove infestations at the source and get you back to living a bug-free life in no time without the risk of illness or poison.