Carpenter Ants

While there are 39 different types of ants in the Northeast, Carpenter Ants are common in many NYC apartments and buildings and they are certainly the most destructive. Carpenter Ants can be found nesting in window frames, wall voids, basement beams, and under the floor. Ants hollow out any wooden furniture or internal beams, and if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to homes.

How Do I know if I have Carpenter Ants?

Most people know they have ants when they see them walking in and around their house.   Other signs include:

  • Small dirt or sand mounds on turf or soil
  • Small piles of sand/ dirt  near stone or cement slabs 
  • Displaced soil

Identification of the ant is essential in understanding the best method of treating it. Each species has its specific types of conditions it needs.  Once the species has been determined, the inspection and treatment is much more effective and targeted.  Pest Away’s in-depth knowledge of all ant species will allow us to locate the source and identify the nature of the underlying problem.

What can you do about Carpenter Ants?

Although there are many ant killer products on the market, home remedies rarely eliminate a carpenter ant problem.  If you have seen these ants in or around your home, call Pest Away Exterminating Inc, the leading Carpenter Ant Removal and pest control service in NYC. We will thoroughly inspect your apartment and find the source of the ant infestation. Our inspection will include identification of moisture issues, soft wood, and crucial strategic ant trails. 

How we get rid of Carpenter Ants

Upon completion of our inspection, our technicians will explain the cause of the ant infestation and discuss the specific issues of what needs to get done. We will provide both a Green and traditional pest control solution to remove Carpenter Ants from your home.

We also make recommendations to help prevent these ants from re-invading your apartment, house, or building. Our technicians will identify and point out leaks or moisture sources that caused the ant problem initially. They will also treat the infestation areas and strategic trails.

Pest Away At Your Service

Because Carpenter Ants can be destructive to your property, we take them very seriously.  We utilize all of our 25 years of award-winning experience and combine it with the most cutting edge technology available to successfully remove ants from your home. Call Pest Away Exterminating, the best ant removal and pest control service in NYC, to prevent Carpenter Ants from further damaging your building or home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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