Fumigation is excellent tool alongside the Extreme Green or Traditional Chemical Treatment. Essentially, it ensures the elimination of all infested items in one single treatment. While your home or office is being treated by Pest Away, our trained moving partners will remove your infested belongings to an offsite location for fumigation. It has been proven that 70 - 90 percent of bed bug infestations reside in the contents of an infested area. By having these infested contents removed for fumigation, Pest Away can have better access to treat the infested space very thoroughly. Fumigation is an excellent tool to use alongside the Extreme Green Treatment. While your belongings are being fumigated, Pest Away can treat your home. Detailed guidelines for packing and preparation are provided to clients to ensure success. This methodology has proven to expedite the eradication process.

Fumigation can often save money when compared to the cost of dry cleaning. Additionally, with fumigation, there is absolutely no need to throw out furniture. No damage done.

The fumigant that is typically used is called Vikane gas. It was introduced in 1961 by Dow Agro Science and is approved for use on articles such as clothing, musical equipment, electronics, artwork, furniture, historical documents and other personal items. Because a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that leaves no residue replaces the oxygen required to sustain life, it effectively kills all bed bugs through the entire life cycle (including the egg stage). These characteristics make it a superior and viable solution for immediate, effective bed bug elimination in conjunction with your traditional pest control treatments.

After fumigation, your belongings will be safely stored until the pest control provider treats your dwelling and verifies that the space is bed bug free. Once this has been determined your fumigated items may be returned.

For more information about fumigation, call Pest Away at 212-721-2521.

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