Pest Away Exterminating Inc. was founded by Jeff Eisenberg, CPA in 1991. A former employee at one of the world’s largest accounting firms, Jeff was inspired to start Pest Away to provide the Tri-State area with quality, thoughtful and effective pest control solutions.

Like most individuals, Jeff hired an extermination company to regularly service his New York City apartment for pest prevention. To Jeff’s dismay, the exterminator would arrive late and inconsiderately spray poisons without prior thought to his pets and family’s medical conditions. This typical terrible service that seemed to be the norm prompted Jeff to start his own company, Pest Away Exterminating Inc.

After spending two years researching the industry and its inner workings, Jeff championed a new and highly effective, non-toxic treatment called Enviro-Guard Pest Control Program. The program has received much critical acclaim by New Yorkers.

Mr. Eisenberg has been featured on Prime Live, and has been interviewed regularly for channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, The Early Show on CBS, NY1, the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal. Pest Away was selected amongst thousands of pest control companies in New York  as the "Best of New York" by NY Magazine in 2004/2005. Mr. Eisenberg has served as an expert witness around the country on various pest problems from bedbugs to rodents to moths. His client references are consistently superior.

The Bed Bug Survival Guide

The fastest growing Exterminating in NYC over the last 10 years is Pest Away. The reason is simple, they have a great service, they know how to kill all kinds of pest, they charge the right price to get rid of the problems, and they don't sell you for services you don't need. A simple business model. They have brought sanity back in my life, time and again. When you call ask for Jeff, he is "The Man". Peace and rodents free to all. ~Ben Dubner