Pest Control

Carpet Beetles

You don’t need to have carpet to have Carpet Beetles. In fact, Carpet Beetles are very common pests found in virtually every building in the NYC area, and when left untreated, they can cause serious damage to your carpets and clothing. Think you... Learn More


Mice and rats have become the most commonly found and economically important pest.  They have learned and adapted to live where we live, and eat what we eat.  Their presence can be felt both in urban and suburban settings.  The ever rising... Learn More


What are Ants?There are over 9,000 identified ant species worldwide, and approximately 570 of them have been found in the U.S.   However, only 30 of them are found to infest homes.  Ants are very social insects and are distinguished from... Learn More


Fleas are a year-round issue that must be handled efficiently by a professional pest control company.What are Fleas?Although fleas typically live and feed on pets, they often bite humans, which can cause itchy welts, increase allergies, and spread... Learn More


Wildlife includes raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, birds and foxes.  These animals will find their way into any NYC building and create a big nuisance in many apartments and homes.How do I know if there is Wildlife in my building?Raccoons, squirrels,... Learn More


Officially known as an American cockroach, waterbugs are the largest of house infesting roaches and are common in NYC buildings. This scary 1.5 – 2.5 inch larger roach if found in nearly every structure in the northeast. They have been known to... Learn More

Webbing Clothes Moths

Webbing Clothes Moths hide under collars, carpeting, and on various other parts of garments, but they are often ignored until it becomes a much larger issue. Most people have them unknowingly for a long period before they realize the issue.  At some... Learn More

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