What are Ants?

There are over 9,000 identified ant species worldwide, and approximately 570 of them have been found in the U.S.   However, only 30 of them are found to infest homes.  Ants are very social insects and are distinguished from other insects by their narrow pedicel, whichconsists of 1 or 2 segments aka nodes that can be found between the thorax and the abdomen. They are also identified by their elbowed antennae and narrow waist.  Their colors range from black, brown, yellow, red and some in combination.  Each ant species has its own special nesting, diet, and preferred travel routes.  All species share the fact that they work and serve the queen.  Their primary existence is to search for food and feed the queen in order to expand the colony.  Ant colonies often have multiple queens which can produce millions of eggs over her lifetime.

What can be done to prevent Ants?

Minimizing exposed food, especially crumbs on the floor will help reduce the chances of Ant infestation.   Different ants have various diets and their diets change during the summer.  However, all ants love sweets at one point during the season.   Sanitation is always the best way to minimize any pests.  Caulking and sealing various entry points in a structure will also keep foraging ants out.

Pest Away at Your Service

Pest Away professionals are highly skilled at dealing with the most difficult of Ant infestations.  Our carefully developed Ant control solution includes a very effective, state-of-the-art, green service that can eliminate Ants from any home or building in the Tristate area.  We customize our program to fit the needs of our customers.  Ant control begins in the early spring and treatments begin on the exterior of a structure.  Our Renowned for our Ant control services, we are constantly evolving in order to provide you with the most efficient, hassle-free Ant elimination service.

If you think you have Carpenter Ants, please call our offices to further discuss your concerns. Conveniently located in NYC, we offer our pest removal services in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs.

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