Carpet Beetles

You don’t need to have carpet to have Carpet Beetles. In fact, Carpet Beetles are very common pests found in virtually every building in the NYC area, and when left untreated, they can cause serious damage to your carpets and clothing. Think you have Carpet Beetles? Read the signs that you have a Carpet Beetle infestation and learn how to get rid of Carpet Beetles from your apartment or building.

What are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet Beetles feed on organic matter (things derived from plants) and natural fibers, like wool, furs, silk and more. Carpet beetles can easily be brought into your home from the outside or enter from an adjacent apartment, which is why most people have Carpet Beetles for a long time before they realize the problem. They are usually found in areas that people don’t often inspect, such as behind baseboards, beds, large pieces of furniture, and in closets. They will also gravitate to where lint and dust bunnies are collect.

How do I know if I have Carpet Beetles?

There are certain signs to watch out for if you have Carpet Beetles in your apartment, like finding larvae or actually see beetles in sight. You may also find damage, like small holes, to clothing that hasn’t been worn in many months. When left alone, however, Carpet Beetles will feed on items that include but limited to:

  • Wool, silks, leather, natural rugs (wool and silk)
  • Pet leather book bindings, animal skins, fur, pet hair
  • Feathers, various dead insects, hair bristles
  • Various spices, grains, especially wheat and rye

However, their favorite foods are carpets, clothing, and textiles.

Pest Away At Your Service

At Pest Away Exterminating, our technicians are highly skilled at effectively eliminating Carpet Beetles from any home or building.  Our Carpet Beetle removal solution includes a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly pest removal service that eliminates Carpet Beetles from your building with no hassle to you. If you think you have carpet beetles, please call our offices to further discuss your concerns. Conveniently located in NYC, we offer our pest removal services in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. Satisfaction guaranteed.

What can be done to prevent Carpet Beetles?

Because Carpet beetles are one of the most commonly found pests it needs ongoing attention to prevent them from re infesting your home.  The most common areas they are found are between very minor separations of floor boards.  This area can serve as a feast for a lifetime as organic matter builds up into these areas.  Ongoing vacuuming is one of the best weapons against this pest; however, it is hard to get deep into these crevices.  It is important to periodically pull bed and other furniture away from walls in order for a thorough vacuuming to take place.  Disposal of vacuum bag is essential to prevent beetles and larvae from escaping back into apartment.

Caulking and sealing of cracks and crevices will heavily reduce the amount of potential places they can thrive.

Call Pest away now at 212-721-2521 to schedule your appointment and get a pleasant, informative, and effective service that you expect.

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