Fleas are a year-round issue that must be handled efficiently by a professional pest control company.

What are Fleas?

Although fleas typically live and feed on pets, they often bite humans, which can cause itchy welts, increase allergies, and spread diseases like typhus. Fleas have 4 main life cycles: adult, larvae, egg and nymph. Home remedies rarely work because they only effectively deal with two of these life cycles.

How do I know if there are Fleas in my building?

There are many different ways to know if there are fleas in your building or home. If you see your pet scratching, find fleas hopping onto your white socks, or find eggs around your pet’s bedding or where they rest, call Pest Away Exterminating, the leading flea removal and pest control service in NYC. Our pest control experts will skillfully detect all entry points and develop a custom plan of action to successfully remove fleas from your building or home.

How we get rid of Fleas

Pest Away Exterminating will perform a thorough inspection of your building to verify the nature of the problem, source out the problem, and determine the severity of the infestation. We will identify moisture issues, soft wood, and crucial strategic ant trails in order to treat the problem.

Pest Away At Your Service

Pest Away professionals are highly skilled at dealing with the most difficult of flea infestations. Our unique green pest control treatment can eliminate fleas from your building quickly and effectively. 25 years of award-winning pest control experienced, combined with the most cutting-edge pest removal technology available, make Pest Control Exterminating the best flea removal and pest control service in NYC. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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