Webbing Clothes Moths

Webbing Clothes Moths hide under collars, carpeting, and on various other parts of garments, but they are often ignored until it becomes a much larger issue. Most people have them unknowingly for a long period before they realize the issue.  At some point small holes are noticed in clothing and are often ignored until it becomes a much larger issue.

What are Webbing Clothes Moths?

Webbing Clothes Moths can cause serious damage to keratin-containing materials, such as wool, hair, fur, as well as carpets and silks.  They will also attack synthetic fibers when blended with natural animal fiber material or soiled fiber. Webbing Clothes Moths have an aversion to light, if they are seen flying around, then it normally means you have a serious infestation.

How do I know if I have Webbing Clothes Moths?

Moth damage appears as small scattered holes to your clothes. The average person discovers them long after they have begun infestation the home. Clothing moths have an aversion to light. The larvae will feed on items that include but not limited to:

  • Wool, silks, leather, natural rugs (wool and silk)
  • Fur, pet hair, beef meal, fish meal and milk products, and birds’ nests
  • Their favorite foods are carpets, clothing, and textiles

Pest Away at Your Service

We do not recommend the use of moth balls since they are a known carcinogen and can cause damage to your health. Cedar and lavender are also completely ineffective and will not solve nor help with any cloth moth issue.

Pest Away professionals are highly skilled at dealing with the most difficult of Webbing Cloth Moth problems.  Our carefully developed Moth control solution includes a very effective, state-of-the-art, green service that can eliminate any fabric eating pests from any building or apartment in NYC. Renowned for our Webbing Cloth Moth removal services, we are constantly evolving in order to provide you with the most efficient, hassle-free pest control.

If you think you have Webbing Cloth Moths in your home or building, please call our offices to further discuss your concerns. Conveniently located in NYC, we offer our pest removal services in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs.

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