Wildlife includes raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, birds and foxes.  These animals will find their way into any NYC building and create a big nuisance in many apartments and homes.

How do I know if there is Wildlife in my building?

Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife are certainly unwanted home visitors.  They can be very destructive, as they chew on electric wires, tear up insulation, and leave quite a mess of droppings behind. These noisy critters look to gain access in your attics, basements, garage, and crawl spaces. They can also spread disease, create a foul odor, and often carry rabies.

What can you do about Wildlife?

If you have heard or seen these animals in or around your apartment building, call Pest Away Exterminating, the best NYC pest control and wildlife removal service. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home, identify entry points, and implement a customized plan of action to successfully remove wildlife from your building. 

How we remove Wildlife

Pest Away is committed to both green pest control solutions and preserving wildlife. However, when wildlife comes into your home, action must be taken. After we inspect your building, we set up a removal program that fits the size of the wildlife problem. This may include trapping, creating one-way doors, and more. After we remove wildlife from your apartment or house, we will also provide an exclusion plan to prevent further animals from entering your home or apartment building.  

Pest Away At Your Service

Pest Away wildlife teams are highly skilled at removing any unwanted wildlife in the shortest, most efficient and humane way possible. We are here to help you 24/7 for your emergency needs.  We utilize all of our 25 years of award-winning experience and combine it with the most cutting edge technology available.  Call Pest Away Exterminating, the best wildlife removal and pest control service in NYC, to prevent wildlife from further damaging your building or home. Satisfaction guaranteed.  

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