Flour Beetle

Order Coleoptera

  • Appearance  
    • Flat & rectangular shaped
    • Reddish-brown colored
    • About one-seventh inch long
    • Larvae are one-fourth inch long and are white to yellow colored
  • Diet  
    • Feeds on a variety of foods, but most commonly grain and flour products
  • Habits  
    • Mainly infests stored grain products
    • Small size allows them to sneak into most containers
  • Reproduction  
    • Females lay an average of 300 to 400 eggs
    • Life cycle usually takes about seven weeks, but may last up to three months; four or five generations per year
  • Other Information  
    • Attracted to light
    • Will run for cover if disturbed
    • Adults may live as long as three years
    • Leaves a foul odor as well as taste in the products they infest

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