Butler Prep Service

Leave the Stress to Us.

Pest Away’s Bed Bug Butler Services help you precisely prepare your space the way it’s required for a proper, effective and thorough bed bug treatment. As the first pest control company to offer a Butler Prep Service, we have been providing this much-needed service since 2002. We have expert experience in preparing homes and offices, large and small. Regardless of the space, we guarantee we will make this overwhelming experience less stressful.

This service was conceived to help our busy clients who may not have the time, energy, desire, or resources to clean, launder, bag, and cover the numerous items that need to be dealt with prior to treatment.

Our technicians will use their knowledge, experience and training to effectively prepare your space specifically to your treatment needs. Preparation needs may vary based on the type of treatment (i.e. fumigation, Extreme Green or Traditional Chemical). If you opt for off-site fumigation, our technicians will pack all of your belongings into natural (no plastic or man-made) materials, like cardboard boxes.

Our experienced, background-checked and drug-tested prep techs are quite friendly, discreet, courteous and efficient. They know how to prepare for the service you request.

These services have been extensively used in homes, offices, college dorms, homeless shelters, co-ops, condos, nursing homes, classrooms and more.

Other Butler Prep Services:

  • Cut up wall to wall carpet and dispose of in a safe manner to prevent bed bugs from spreading around the rest of the building.
  • Encase all mattresses, box springs and pillows with Bed Bug Certified encasements.
  • Strategically move furniture and other items 8 inches from wall(s) to allow for proper inspection and treatment.
  • Remove all sheets and blankets from beds.
  • Wash and fold your clothing, blankets and/or other items that can be laundered.
  • Break down and safely dispose of unwanted beds, furniture, mattresses and more.
  • Perform detailed crack and crevice vacuuming throughout apartment including rugs, sofas, cribs, etc.
  • Empty and bag items from dresser drawers, bureaus, nightstands, bookshelves, wall units, closets and more.
  • Treat difficult-to-treat items that cannot be washed or dry cleaned with specialized solutions that kill bed bugs on contact. These items will then be packed, sealed and stored away until a K9 has cleared the space.
  • Transfer/remove all items from plastic materials and other items that cannot be used in fumigation into suitable packing materials.
  • Order corrugated boxes from our wholesale supplier to be delivered to your home the very next day.
  • Seal up boxes properly to prevent any spread of bed bugs in or out of an area.
  • Pack all items and unneeded clothing into suitable boxes to be stored or sent off for fumigation.
  • Unpack and restore your home or office to its original condition.

Pest Away’s prep technicians can work alongside you to give you that little boost of help or we can do the entire project ourselves.

To get rates and schedule our excellent prep technicians, please call us today at 212-721-2521.

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