• Laura Graham

    Chief Operation Officer | William J. Clinton Foundation

    "As the Chief Operating Officer for the William J. Clinton Foundation, I oversaw the work done by Pest Away and Jeff Eisenberg when we used their services. During the time we worked with Pest Away, its employees showed a high level of professionalism, flexibility and organization. They worked with much diligence and expertise. The efforts of the Pest Away employees remain appreciated by our staff."

  • Ben Dubner

    Pest Away customer since ‘03

     “The fastest growing Exterminating in NYC over the last 10 years is Pest Away. The reason is simple, they have a great  service, they know how to kill all kinds of pest, they charge the right price to get rid of the problems, and they don't sell you for services you don't need. A simple business model. They have brought sanity back in my life, time and again.  When you call ask for Jeff, he is "The Man". Peace and rodents free to all.”

  • Pam

    Happy Pest Away Customer, Apartment Therapy Review

    "I normally would not write a review for any company. But Pest Away deserves it more than anyone. I am a neuro surgeon but I was hysterical when I was inflicted with a major bed bug problem. Pest Away was nice, calming, the office staff is sweet, knowledgable, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. I wasted my money on 3 other companies before going to Pest Away. They were rated Best IN NY by NY Magazine, and they were right. Thank you apartment therapy"

  • Michelle

    Happy Pest Away Customer, Yelp Review

    "My kids are very active and always outdoors. I keep telling them to clean up after themselves but they NEVER listen. One day my son comes up to me and says he has bite marks on his leg. We go to the doctor and he tells us they are bed bug bites. My doctor referred me to Pest Away and I immediately ordered an inspection. The person that came was extremely helpful and assuring. The problem was fixed within days with no problems or issues. Very good."

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